Sylvia Stratieva


“I started drawing when I was one year old. Later I began to study at the College of Arts.

Then at the college I realized that fine art would be the greatest passion in my life.

I am happy to create art because it gives you the freedom to be different and constantly curious about everything in the world.

My goal in my art is to learn and to try, to try and to learn, to look for the unique, proprietary means of expression for each object, to overcome all limits as a joke (because if you take the process seriously, you will not succeed).

I try to make my paintings enchanting and free.”



Sylvia Stratieva was born on April 14, 1966 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. There she completed her primary education.

In 1985 she graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She participated in all the group exhibitions of the Society of Artists in Pazardzhik.

She did 3 solo exhibitions in the same city.

In 1986 she took part in the “National Youth Plainer of the Drawing”.

Since 1988 she has been living in Sofia.

She has solo exhibitions in 1989 and 1990 in Sofia at “Club 81” Gallery.

Sylvia Stratieva studied at the Technical University of Sofia in "Computer Engineering" and "Industrial Design" and graduated in 1993.

She worked for several years in the field of applied graphics and design.

15.02.-06.03.2000 - Solo exhibition of paintings in “Seasons” Gallery, Sofia;

10.04.-07.05.2000 - "Irida" Gallery, "Interpred" Hall, participation in group exhibition “Sofia perspectives”, Sofia;

May, 2000 participation in a group exhibition - "Irida" Gallery, Sofia;

07.07.2000 participations in group exhibitions - Swedish hotel - Varna, gallery "Navalart" - Varna, Artea Gallery - Varna;

January 12, 2000 - "Irida" Gallery, "Interpred" Hall, participation in a group art exhibition, Sofia;

08.08.2002 – “Seasons” Gallery, participation in a group exhibition, Sofia;

14.11.-11.12.2002 - Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings "Windows to ..." – “Seasons” Gallery, Sofia;

12.12.2002 – “Seasons” Gallery, participation in a group exhibition, Sofia;

23.09.-08.10.2003 – “Seasons” Gallery, participation in the Anniversary Exhibition "Seasons" - Painting, Sofia;

Since the beginning of 2004 she has been working with the publishing house "Litera Prima", creating the layout and illustrations of a poetic book as well as a series of graphic illustrations for science-fiction stories by Bulgarian and foreign authors.

02.09.-12.09.2004 – “Seasons Gallery”, participation in painting exhibition "10 artists for Sofia", Sofia

13.07.-25.07.2005 - Solo Exhibition - "Maxim" Gallery, Sofia;

28.06.-30.09.2007 - "Maxim" Gallery, participation in a group painting exhibition, Sofia;

06 and 07.2010 - "Maxim" Gallery, participation in a group exhibition, Sofia;

10.05.-31.05.2016 - Solo exhibition – “Pentimento” Gallery, Sofia;

15.11.-30.11.2016 - Participation in Jubilee Exhibition - 40 years College of Fine Arts, Plovdiv;

07.12.16-07.01.2017 – “Pentimento Gallery”, participation in group exhibition "Solstice" II, Sofia;

04.04.-27.04.2017 - Participation in the National Exhibition "Landscape" of the Painting Section of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia;

11.05.-17.05.2018 - Participation as a finalist in MODERN ART COMPETITION  "Portrait: The image of the soul" in Sala Consiliare del Primo Municipio of Roma Capital, Rome, Italy. The exhibition is organized by Association for Culture "Arts in Rome".

Participating in the "Leonardo 2018" art guide.

Participation in the international traveling project  "Painting by Many" 2018.

Participation in "Arte y Libertad XIII" art guide.

05.03.-12.04.2019 - Participation in National Exhibition "Spring Salon of Women Artists" - Gabrovo 2019.

She works in the field of graphic design, painting, watercolor and drawing.

Currently Sylvia Stratieva  lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has paintings and drawings in private collections in Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Canada and the USA.