Jacques Sultana


Jacques SULTANA, died in July 2012 

I paint what I love to see and touch. I don't make things up. I just try to capture the fleeting beauty of everyday life, moments which I have experienced.
No extraordinary thoughts or emotions, just the joy of existence.
There is no action in my paintings : something just happened or is about to happen.
Tactile pleasure of the caressing play of light on skin, stroking hair and sculpting a profile.
The reflection of a magical mirror where you plunge into a space the hand cannot reach ; the simple and natural beauty of the male body ; the ambiguity of the model looking at the painter looking at him in a game of mirrors : innocence of an everpresent sensuality. Contrast and color are submitted to the rendering of light, harmony and balance of the whole.
The rigor of geometry and technique are used to contrast with the body's fluidity and only to serve expression.
A few themes and infinite variations, far from violence and drama, just a smile.