Ho-ry Lee


I have taken a profound interest in a mode of behaviour and ways of thinking which are different between men and women. Especially, I have studied behaviour relevant to eroticism as expressing one’s psychological instinct that is a taboo in modern society. I have focused on internal desires, watching and showing it among all such desires of modern people and I have understood eroticism through men’s voyeuristic eyes and women’s habitual behaviour. As a result, I have embodied these symbolical behaviours. Fetishized images of a woman's body, revealed through lifted or taken down skirts in my work reflect different positions between men who are tempted and women who tempt as a symbolical expression of eroticism. I have determination to intentionally take a voyeuristic position and the women in the painting, who are the object of desires, are expressed as exhibitionists who explicitly expose their femininity regardless of voyeurs. First of all, while I gaze through a view finder at a part of a model’s body, or one with a hidden face, the model takes a positive pose towards the camera. Therefore, I intend to show an intertwined point of an agent, object and situation that is both looking at and being shown. I have symbolized the object of desires as women’s lower bodies and have transformed collected images from camera to ambiguous figures by overlapping it. As each image is placed on the canvas, these images are expected to give tension as if it is moving and the audiences are expected to bring their own imagination that is able to infer its before and after situation. In addition, I regard such traces as the eyes of endless desires to gaze at the traces. My work is formed by realistic painting in order to evoke an illusion that confuses virtual reality with reality and I want the audiences to take it as hyper-reality.