Peter Ambush


For little more than a decade, Pennsylvania artist Peter Ambush worked as a graphic artist and illustrator for The Star-Ledger newspaper in Newark, NJ. While there, he was the cover artist for the paper's weekly TV guide, illustrating over 400 covers featuring the faces of actors, musicians, directors and many more. After many years creating portraits of the rich and famous, he's now focusing on portraits of the "Lost and Forgotten."

Peter is working on a series of portraits of people you may see everyday — but people you may not want to talk to or, Heaven forbid, befriend. The idea came to him when he got to know a homeless man he saw everyday. After meeting him, Peter discovered that this man had a family, once had a home and that he used to be a musician. But, because of some unfortunate circumstances, he was living on the streets. He was lost and forgotten.

Peter decided that, even though this might not be the most glamorous of subject matter or that it may be uneasy for some to see, he wanted to show that there is beauty in these faces. "I would like my work to touch the viewer's spirit. I could paint butterflies or lighthouses, but I want to show the face of God in the faces of these people. They are made in His image, just like the rest of us and deserve to be seen and remembered."