Diego Koi


Diego Fazio, DiegoKoi in art , was born in Lamezia Terme in 1989. He enters the world of art as a self-taught, developing in a very short time a precise and refined technique. He started drawing the Koi carp, variety developed in ancient China then introduced in Japan. The carpakoi, in Japanese popular culture, is a symbol of love and friendship. A Chinese legend, instead, tells about a courageous and perseverant carp that it managed to climb the waterfalls located on Dragon Gate, overcoming obstacles and evil spirits. The gods, impressed by its courage, transformed it into a dragon, so in short time, the carp became the symbol of those who aspired to do great things, and who was not afraid to face adversity. The young artist was fascinated about this carp and he decided to include in his name the word "Koi", finding the stimulus and the strength to continue on this road, pausing his attention on the eyes of the people. DiegoKoi's art, at first, focuses to make drawings for Japanese style tattoos. Over time, he developed his technique, rediscovering the delicacy and beauty that every nuance can offer to him, setting aside the coarse features of the tattoo and he focuses on hyperrealism. he is dedicated to achieve body drawings, giving them a own personal sense that it is expressed within each subject, through the sensible lines that they give rise to elastic and compact figures, supported by the shadows and the imagination of the artist which serve to make the work a mixture of real and unreal. DiegoKoi's ability to perceive the many shades of chiaroscuro, induces the artist to create contrasts which touch the beholder's soul of his works. Initially, he is dedicated to the elaboration of delicate feminine traits, bringing out the psyche of these women through their eyes and the folds of their faces, leaving the viewer to investigate the quiet emotions who they express. After, he is dedicated to achieve faces that seem to scream the dispair and the anger of the today whole society. On these characteristic elements of his technique, Diegokoi was able to make himself known in many areas of his native country, presenting his works in several exhibitions, gaining the recognition as "Audience Award Best Artist NonFermarti 2011" and "Award painting section NonFermarti 2011" attain personally in the province of Cosenza on the occasion of artistic event NonFermarti 2011. In March 2012, between about 7000 participants from all over the world, DiegoKoi won the selection of "International Art Award Laguna of Venice 2012" by the work "Sentenza". In the same year, he won the selection and he became the finalist of one of the most prestigious awards in Italy, that is the "Cairo Award" of Milan, by the work "Raptus". The beginning of 2013 coincides with the DiegoKoi's media explosion, he won the prize as emerging artist at the international contest "Limen" of Vibo Valentia by the work "Luccicanza". In Jenuary 25th, 2013, he inaugurated his first international exhibition, entitled "Sensations" (which takes its name from the most famous work of DiegoKoi), in Singapore, in the prestigious international gallery Raffian Art (Singapore/ Russia/ Israel). In May 21th, 2013, DiegoKoi has partecipated at the "Wonder Works" in Hong Kong edited by "The cat street gallery" in the Space in Hollywood Road. In June, he has partecipated at his first action painting in Milan, at the historic store Crespi. In August, he has performed a new action painting in Lucerne, Switzerland. Subsequently, in November 7th, through the association "Sanado Heridas A.C" several DiegoKoi's works were donated to a charity auction, to help the disadvantaged children in Mexico. In November 15th, instead, Diegokoi has partecipated personally to another charity auction, at the court of Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife Charlene, for the association "Monaa against autism", founded by the Princess, to help the children suffering from autism. In November 30th, was inaugurated DiegoKoi's exhibition at the italian gallery "BeCause Art Space", where numerous fans are flocked. To inaugurate a new year of career, in Jenuary 11th, DiegoKoi has partecipated to a collective exhibition at the renowned gallery "Jonathan Levine Gallery". Recently, in May 17th, DiegoKoi performs a action painting in Florance at the "Lory Art store".