Leigh Behnke


Myth and Memory: Personal Iconographies
In Search of Lost History

The genesis of my work resides in my own personal history. Starting in graduate school I became interested in the formal properties that made up an image, and how those properties could recontextualize the way we perceived it. By working with multiple images I could change one element in a work, and compare it to others to see how its “reading” was affected. The study of perception in this manner has been the basis of my work ever since.

Theoretically, I could exploit any image to manipulate this data, and my early work did so. More recently I have found that I am gravitating to the less exotic and perhaps more familiar imagery that comes from my personal history; the imagery that grows out of my own visual iconography

More specifically I am a person with a particular history that grows out of a larger movement of people through time and across geographic space. The various branches of my family settled in New England in the period between 1680 and 1860. They appear to have been cautious people. Once they got here they did not move too far afield, inhabiting three states over three centuries. I grew up in the bosom of solid late Victorian middle class ancestors residing in houses that had been built by them, and passed down or passed along to others members of a cohesive community 

The world is very different now. I don’t live like that, and I value the multicultural universe I now occupy. I DO find myself wondering about my New England forerunners and how they experienced the visual world. 

Several years ago I read Russell Shorto’s book “The Island At the Center of The World”. It had a profound impact on how I saw the geography of my current home in downtown Manhattan. I made a series of paintings that explored the passage of Henry Hudson up the river that is now named after him. Governor’s Island was at that time called Nut Island, and I used the Commanding Officers House interior as one of the images to consider this broader issue. The ornamentation and architectural elements still in place are precursors alluding to an even earlier time.

The geography and iconography of my own history is so familiar to me that I am able use it with comfortably. I believe in the possibility of the specificity of an image being able to transcend itself to a more universal experience. I have done several series of works based on historic locations. In these I have had an interest in portraying the situation as seen through the eyes of a participant, not as an illustration, but experientially, as a means to augment perception. The specificity of my experience and vision, growing out of my history and geography is enlisted in the broader goal of enriching and enhancing the meaning of an image, giving it layers of context and enhanced meaning. Hopefully the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

In the same manner, I have “borrowed” locations and motifs that are familiar to me, architectural and cultural elements that resonate beyond the reportage of description or travelogue. In combining them with related iconography I am creating my own version of the myths that I hope will resound and reinforce their underlying history.

Leigh Behnke
New York City
February 9, 2013



1979     Kent State Blossom Program
1979-present     School of Visual Arts, New York
1989     National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, Master Teacher
1990-93     National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, Panelist


1999- 2000          ED Foundation (consecutive grants for two years)
2013                     Guggenheim Fellowship

1978     Fischbach Gallery, New York
1979     Fischbach Gallery, New York
1981     Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston
1982     Fischbach Gallery, New York
1985     Fischbach Gallery, New York
1991     Fischbach Gallery, New York
1992     National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC
1994     Fischbach Gallery, New York
1998     Fischbach Gallery, New York
2000     Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, FL
2003     Cloistered Spaces and Other Environments, Fischbach Gallery, New
2006     The Garden, Fischbach Gallery, New York
2009     Through The Looking Glass, Fischbach Gallery, New York
2013     Myth and Memory, Fischnach Gallery ,NYC


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