Daryl Gortner


Daryl Gortner (b.1958)

Daryl Gortner is a photorealistic painter. She studied Fine Arts at Fullerton College in Southern California where she was born and raised. Daryl and her award winning paintings have been featured in several major publications including International Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, The Artist’s Magazine, Art Business News, Visual Art Source, Creative Quarterly, and the upcoming September issue of Southwest Art Magazine. 

Daryl Gortner mainly paints in the still life genre using the photorealistic technique. She finds her inspiration for her art pieces in every day items such as a coffee cup or a jumble of marbles in a Mason jar. She brings out the extraordinary in what one might otherwise neglect to see or feel. Gortner's art is described as simple yet complicated, contemporary yet nostalgic, and capturing a moment in time yet timeless. In addition to painting pieces for galleries and commissions, she also teaches adult and children art classes. 

Her work can be found at many art exhibitions, galleries, corporate and private collections throughout the world.