Enrico Guarino


Born in Rome in 1951, Enrico Guarino, started painting at the age of ten, when he began to frequent the studio of Vittorio Tom Novelli, a realist painter, who introduced him to life drawing and to the technique of oil painting. Once he had gained a firm basis, he dedicated himself to other forms of artistic expression like clay sculpture, collage and photography. His artistic activity knew its ups and downs, coexisting with the passion for music and with the medical profession. The discovery of Pop Art and American Hyperrealism left him completely impressed and began to influence all his works. His artistic activity is constant, continuous and specific since 1995. ENRICO GUARINO About my work I think the reality, even the most common, exceeds the imagination in originality and beauty. So I simply choose the objects and place them in a scene to be photographed and painted… …I speak of man portraying his environment, objects of daily use, commercial products, books, I take them as a 'snapshot camera, without putting them posing… …I really like the 50’s and 60’s so I use many objects of those years. By painting I try to transfer them onto the canvas with all their weight and their quality and this slow process makes me feel close to the masters of the Renaissance that I so admired and studied in my formative years… …when I painted "Stephen King" I thought about Fra Angelico with his azure of lapis lazuli and gold of the haloes… … a smooth surface of an object made of plastic can be sensual, a toaster chrome plated charms the spectator with his reflections ...


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Modena. Italy "Hyporealism" 17 novembre 2005 - 19 novembre 2005 Critic Text by Gianluca Marziani.
Extra Art Cafè.Rome.
 "Cluster of objects in interior" 26 maggio 2005 - 18 giugno 2005 By Gianluca Marziani
Arturarte Gallery. Nepi. Rome "Hyperrealism: beyond the look" 22 novembre 2002 - 21 dicembre 2002 Critic text by Maurizio Sciaccaluga.
Factory Fine Art. Modena. Italy "The wonderful world of Pop Art" 02 marzo 2000 - 04 marzo 2000 Extra Art Cafè.Rome GROUP EXHIBITIONS Italy 2012: Quality & Lifestyle - Italian Contemporary Artists. 25 giugno - 31 luglio 2012 State of The Arts Gallery Hong Kong "Hyperrealism" 14 aprile 2011 - 28 maggio 2011 Gallery 44.Turin.Italy "First Ricart Gallery Anniversary" 04 dicembre 2009 - 19 dicembre 2009 Ricart Gallery. Miami.USA "Code 01" 01 dicembre 2007 - 10 febbraio 2008 By Natalia De Marco and Stefano Elena. Chiostro del Bramante.Rome "12 Artists for 12 months" 04 maggio 2007 - 26 maggio 2007 Chigi Gallery. Viterbo. Italy "City of Novara Prize" 24 settembre 2005 - 09 ottobre 2005 Broletto Palace. Novara. Italy "www.plot.@rt.europa" 16 settembre 2005 - 29 ottobre 2005 By Gianluca Marziani and Massimo Lupoli. Castle Colonna International Centre of Contemporary Art.Genazzano.Rome "Stendhal 36 Volume One" 15 dicembre 2004 - 15 gennaio 2005 By Gianluca Marziani. Stendhal 36 Gallery.
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