Tom Martin


My choice of subject is personal to me, and to an extent me only. The items that feature in my paintings are nothing more than fractions of my everyday life. I find myself fascinated by the way products are packaged, the texts that are used, and the way these items react with light in their surroundings. Occasionally, hard edged pieces of chrome gym equipment find their way into my compositions. These rather banal pieces of steel are far from idyllic ideas of what is or is not beautiful. However by making ''super-sized'' paintings of these objects I am able to pack in many unseen intricate reflections and abstracted bands of colour. The subject becomes fascinating despite its origins, as we the viewer are enabled to see closer than we would normally care to do.

Although the paintings I make are directly based upon one, or several photographs, I intend to go beyond simply making a copy of a photograph. My aim primarily is to create an impossible existance, a Hyperreality in its self. Something which, despite its often massively enlarged scale, is questionably real. I make use of various devices to bring forward elements of the composition, whilst pushing other areas back deeper into the painting. I want the subject to project further than the plane of the canvas, to have a presence, putting the viewer somewhere in the physical experience of the painting. 


Solo Shows: 

· September 2009, Premier solo show, Plus One Gallery, London. 

Recent Group shows: 

· November, Bon Appétit!, Plus One Gallery, London. 
· September, Exactitude VI: 10 Years of Hyperrealism Today, Plus One Gallery, 
· February, Winter Show, Plus One Gallery, London. 

· February, Winter Show, Plus One Gallery, London. 

· April, Exactitude V- Hyperrealist Art Today, Plus One Gallery, London. 

· October, Art London. 
· September, Exactitude IV, Plus One Gallery, London. 
· June, Summer Show, Plus One Gallery, London. 
· April/May, Artists open studios South Yorkshire 2008, Basic Arts, Rotherham. 
· Febuary, Plus One Gallery, London. 

· Barnsley digital media centre, Barnsley. 
· Derby City Open art exhibition. 
· Holmfirth Artweek, Holmfirth. 
· Open Up, sheffield. 
· Rotherham Open art exhibition, (artist of the year under 25) 

· Derby City Open art exhibition, Derby. 
· Holmfirth Artweek, Holmfirth. 
· The Pump House Gallery, Harrogate. 

· Chapel Allerton Art Festival, Leeds. 
· '7' The British Red Cross contemporary Art Auction, supported by Sotheby´s. 
· The North Street Gallery, Leeds. 

· 2007
Rotherham Artist of the Year Under 25. 

· April 2009. Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today. 
· September 2008. Exactitude four, Catalogue. 
· June 2008 Barnsley Chronicle. Friday 20th June. Degree show feature. 
· April 2008 Artists Open Studios South Yorkshire 2008. Organised by Open Up 
  Sheffield. Catalogue. 
· 2005 Principles, British Red Cross Charity Event Catalogue. 

· July 2009: Interview with Kevin Lee Jones. 
· 2007 An Interview With Clive Head, Photorealist Painter, (29/10/07), Scarborough.