John Whalley



I find great joy in discovering the often-overlooked beauty that resides in the everyday, common tools, nature objects and items that I am drawn to capture in paint and pencil. This theme of redemption, of finding the 'beauty that speaks softly' in the most unlikely of places, is very near to my heart. 
My decision to use sharp realism to describe what I see grows from the emotions that this particular approach used by many masters has, since childhood, called forth in me. I was also blessed with having a father who imparted a love for quiet observation of the world and its objects, as well as a love for story. 
In selecting subjects for my work, I am drawn to the humble: "orphaned objects" whose beauty might be easily passed over, that opens itself only after second or third glance, and then - perhaps - only in a particular light or in association with other particular objects. Color, texture, form, immediacy and meaning all come to play in my composing of each drawing or painting. 

My hope in my work is that the viewer might, through the vehicle of my many marks of pencil or paint, hear the unspoken words "Here, see this thing presented to you in this moment of time, in this place of unexpected honor and in this light. Feel its textures, marvel at this created thing, its reality and its meanings, its interplay with its surroundings. There is a subtle, almost hidden beauty here ennobled in this unlikely place to be discovered by you."