Cristina Iotti


Cristina Iotti was born in Sassuolo (Modena), Italy in 1965. She graduated at the European Institute of Design in Milan in 1987 with a degree in Illustration. From 1988 to 2001 she worked professionally for 13 years as a tile- designer for graphic arts and serigraphic studios. She also designed sketches for prints on sweaters and illustrations for packaging and children books. In 2002 she decided to dedicate herself full time to painting and since then she has participated in national and international group and solo-exhibitions .In addition to this she has been shortlisted in several and important national and international Prizes and Art-competitions receiving prizes and acclaim. 
Through a personal chromatic choice and photographic framing, yet keeping the link with ancient techniques, she describes, with highly detailed accuracy and attention to details, contemporary and everyday events.
The light is the main character of her painting. With detailed chiaroscuro and strong contrast of shadow with bright light, or through rarefied and lyric atmospheres in her last works, where everything is softened and fading, she tries to capture and show the essence and the “special” in the “common things”.