Licio Passon


It is said that in the early ages , travellers from all over the word would visit Venice.
When they left ,a popular memento would be the purchase of a very realistic painting.
The idea was to bring the city home with them.
Paintings were created as exact replicas of the various canals of Venice.
Licio Passon ,born in Udine, Italy, paints in this realistic manner.
When studying Passon’ s paintings up close you may notice that each brick has three to four colours.
You may also notice how each brick forms new colour when depicted on the blue-green water of the canal.
The buildings reflected the centuries of life and decay , while the water seems to move in constant ripples across the canal.
Flowers spring down from balconies , while algae grows up from the water.
Passon is one of the rare artists who requires days, weeks and months to finish a single painting.
His patience for perfection allows him to stand apart from other artists who produce larger quantities.
His tiny brush allows him to create subtle changes in colour but increases the time spent on individual paintings.
Passon generally paints 20-25 paintings a year ,including the small amounts of portraits and still life he finds enjoyment in.
Licio Passon uses the techniques of antiques masters to create modern day paintings of Venice.
Many of the most refined collectors still request this accurate look of a vacation they took to a foreign place. 
It is said the paintings can from everyday life.
Their beauty and space for thought allows one to imagine themselves in the painting’s peace.