Marina Dieul


Born into a family of French and Canadian artists (her father's uncle was the renowned Canadian painter Clarence Gagnon) Marina Dieul began visiting European museums at a young age. It was during these visits that she absorbed the talent of the great masters.
She quite naturally followed her artistic vocation and completed her studies in Fine Arts in France. She received her diploma with distinction, the jury recognizing in particular the quality of and commitment to her work. 
Her focus is primarily Still Life, Trompe-I'Oeil and Portraiture. Her mastery of painting techniques allows her to go beyond mere likeness to express the interiority of her model. The portraits of Marina Dieul are distinguished by their sensitivity, grace and harmony. She is especially known for her babies and toddlers portraits, powerful and delicate at the same time.
She has been commissioned by many notables, including Baron Empain's family, and Général Bée's family.
The artist has lived and worked for some years now in Montreal.
She is a member of the Portrait Society Of Canada, the Portrait Society Of America, Honorary member of the Drawing Society of Canada, and Juried member of the International Guild of Realism, Founding member of the Canadian Society of Classical Realism.