Brian Lasaga


Brian LaSaga was born in St.Teresa's, Newfoundland in 1955. He moved to St.George's, Newfoundland in 1965. Brian's journey as an artist began when he was very young. He has always been a very visual person and with no formal training, art is more instinctual, full of discovery and experimentation which has continued with him today. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, Brian has always remained faithful to his subjects, realism and his imagery. Although he has experimented with watercolors, gouache, egg tempera, and oils, the artist soon realized that acrylics suited his style and technique. Brian has been painting with acrylics since 1980 and considers them to be a very versatile and durable medium. He also notes and subscribes to the fact that it's not the necessarily the medium, but how one manipulates and uses it that matters in the end.

The artist prefers to paint familiar experiences and subjects indigenous to his area. An area that he feels is raw and sacred. Upon viewing his work, you will notice that he has a very discerning eye for weathered textures and prefers to paint character pieces as opposed to pretty pictures. Over the years, many have labeled Brian a wildlife artist or a photo realist. He doesn't seem to dwell on labels or titles and just simply feels he is just a painter, an instrument and student of nature. At times, he may incorporate some form of wildlife into certain pieces as an extension of nature.

Brian's studio is located in his hometown of St.George's, Newfoundland. The island of Newfoundland is Canada's most easterly destination and offers the artist a sanctuary for his work. It has many rugged coastlines,rivers, forests, wildlife, ponds and marshes. It has also been the inspiration for Brian's work for over 30 years. When not in his studio, he can be found hiking, kayaking or making field trips to gather material for his paintings. Many of his works hang in corporate, public and private collections in Canada, United States and Europe.