Nena Loaysa


My name is María Loaysa. I studied between Seville and Salamanca Fine Arts. For several years I have been researching different plastic materials to understand their behavior in painting.This work concluded on a new support, flexible and thin as a sheet of paper, but as strong as fabric.


I continue my artistic career with “The genesis of love” a series of paintings that link the idea of the pictorial process of creating a work with the process of creating the human being, giving each artistic work the relationship between visible behaviors and the psyche in the infant stage. This early stage, where the natural "I" is not interrupted by social rules, offers me the opportunity to study the development of the different types of disorders that may occur in humans from their origin.

Loaysa graduated in Fine Arts in 2010 with the specialty of painting and graphic design, firmly establishing herself in the field of figurative painting using her environment and life as a rich garden of inspirations. After years of research on a new pictorial support, the artist abandoned the encaustic and embarked on a new oil adventure where she began to create colorful scenes full of people, childhood memories and light in a totally personal way. Loaysa finds true comfort and truth in the reality of imperfections within her life and environment. He maintains a constant struggle to preserve individuality and unique aspects in his figures and objects, showing in his work an exchange between the human and the inanimate in a colorful world that celebrates the vibrant diversity and beauty of life that lives and that exists around it. Protect the world of childhood, tinged with nostalgia with an infusion of Loaysa's exclusive style, through a palette of vividly saturated greyish colors and a dazzling spectrum of light. The artist continually stresses that painting must transport you to another universe, fill the viewer with other experiences, so her work is a combination of fantastic narratives and real moments captured from the artist's life.


Exposiciones individuales
* Exposición “Work in progress” en Museo de Vejer de la Frontera. Octubre/Diciembre 2019
* Exposición individual “A todo color” en galería Artandcolor, Salamanca. Agosto/Octubre 2016
* Exposición individual “Nostalgias” en la galería Fdez de Loaysa, Salamanca. Noviembre/Diciembre 2013

Exposiciones colectivas

*Exposición virtual "Tu mejor pintura" Galeria Arte Libre 2020

* Exposición colectiva en la facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla “El Público lo Público”,Sevilla 2009.