Anna Marinova


Anna Marinova. Russia. Saint-Petersburg
Born in 1983 in St.Petersburg. In 2010 graduated from the I. Y. Repin university of Painting, Sculpture and architecture, professor V. V. Sokolov’s workshop of easel painting.
In 2008 awarded with the medal of the Russian academy of Fine arts for academic achievements. Works published in “Preparatory courses” teaching guide of the I. Y. Repin university, as well as in the “Sketches and practice drawing” book by the teacher V. a. Mogilevtsev. Since January 2010 the works of Anna Marinova have been displayed at christie’s and Lots Road auctions in London on a regular basis. In her artwork Anna Marinova develops traditions of realistic school of painting. The works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. Lives and works in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Poetry of femininity.
The genre of the nude has become the main source of creative inspiration for St Petersburg’s painter Anna Marinova. Depicting a nude body the artist opens up a rich world of artistic interpretation of femininity, refined sensuality and elegance.
Anna Marinova carefully handpicks decorations for her heroines, placing a focus on the cloth’s fabric, the extent of its transparence, and skillfully combining different textures of laces, silk, and atlas. not one detail escapes the painter’s bservant eye.
She shows it with exquisite precision on the canvas.
Anna Marinova’s special achievement as an expert colorist is the transmission of the skin color and texture, which plays – not without reason – an important role in achieving a harmonious image of the woman. Thanks to the skillfully chosen palette, subtle nuances of shades, proficient distribution of color temperature, glazing technique, sculptural modeling of faces based on semitones, and fine specks of light, the painter succeeds in reproduction of skin color in a maximally natural and simultaneously precise fashion, addressing an often difficult issue.