Ali Khoshkam


Born in 1980, working and living in Tehran, is currently engaged in drawing, painting and art instruction. He completed his education in painting from the faculty of fine arts from the University of Tehran at the undergraduate level. In 2006 he received his master's degree in painting. His works have been featured at many individual and group exhibitions, and he has also won several art awards.
His interest in drawing and painting began in his childhood and his desire to draw things and topics "as they are" was his interest. His tendency to academic art has led to a serious pursuit of this method in his works, so he placed himself on the path to learning academic and figurative art. The subject of most of his works is the interaction between the human forms with the surrounding environment, which is often "landscape", in which is depicted as a series of works tailored to a specific subject. He has explored and practiced a lot on several types of painting materials and has also done a prolonged study on human anatomy and has mastered drawing and painting techniques. His style is realism, and from his point of view, this style has fundamental differences with photography, because the impact of the painter's mind has a tremendous effect on the representation of the form, and this process is a challenge he is involved with.
Portrait painting is another topic that he is fascinated by. Subjects are often chosen in a long process, and relatively long time is spent for recognizing the deeper mental and psychological layers of the models. All these factors have implications for how the face is represented, such as color themes, light directions and the size of the painting. He is an artist who has been seriously engaged in drawing for almost two decades now and is aware of its miraculous effect on his works.
The synergy of his subjective knowledge of human subject with the emphasis on increasing technical abilities has always been a stimulant to the two-way curiosity in him and his audience, and he is seeking to upgrade it in the future.


Lives and works in Tehran, Iran Born in Gorgan, Iran 1980
TARBIAT MODARES UNIVERSITY – Tehran – MFA in painting – 2008 UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN -Faculty of arts – BFA in painting – 2005
-Selected artist for the NOAPS spring international exhibition, 2018
-Winner TOP 100 Artist of the Year Award, Circle Foundation, 2018
-Selected artist, Art Kudos International Competition, CA, August 2017
-Best of Show", portrait and self-portrait, Bauhous Prairie Art Gallery, Oklahoma, June 2017"
-2nd place winner, painting, "Land scape 2 competition", ART-COMPETITION.NET, August 2016
-"Member of " AWP's International Artist Directory" as "Notable Artist
-Selected artist, Art Kudos International Competition, CA, August 2016
- Honorable mention, portrait painting, "Faces of Humanity2", 2016
-Winner of G25N's Juried Art Competition for online gallery show in the "Blue" exhibition, NY, Jan, 2016
- Selected artist in 7th National Painting Biennale of Tehran, 2008
-1st place winner, Drawing, Dr Sondouzi Museum, 2007
-Selected artist in 3rd "Youth Art Festival”, Niavaran Cultural House, 2007
-Homa Gallery, Tehran, "Blue Box" series , 2011
- Homa Gallery, Tehran, 2009
- Laleh Gallery, Tehran, "Presence" series, 2007
- Azad Gallery, Tehran, "War" series, 2005
- Laleh Gallery, Tehran, 2003
- LANDSCAPES 2", international fine art competition,, Aug, 2016"
- Faces of Humanity 2", international fine art competition,, Apr, 2016"
- ART KUDOS", international juried art competition & exhibition, CA, Aug 2016"
- BLUE" exhibition, selected 15 international artist, NY, Jan 2016"
- RETURN" group exhibition, "Porsesh" Institute's "NOT" Gallery in Tehran, June 2016"
- HISTORY GAME", a group exhibition in collaboration with 93 Iranian contemporary artists in honor "
of Lucian Freud's birthday, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Dec 2013
- Summer Collection", Homa Gallery, June 2011"
- Design Facing Design", group drawing exhibition, Homa Gallery, Feb 2011"
- 7th National Painting Biennale of Tehran, 2008
- Group Drawing annual, Dr Sondouzi Museum, 2007
- Annual painting competition "Youth Art Festival", Niavaran Cultural House, 2007
- Painting and drawing Prof in Tehran's universities ("IRIB" and "Sooreh" faculty of arts) since 2008
- Teaching figurative drawing and painting in personal studio since 2005