Diana Carolina López

Diana Carolina

I graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design, always with a deep interest in arts I did courses on Drawing and Painting to then keep my education with particular lessons from various artists in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. In 2016 I deepened my knowledge with continuous education courses in colour, light and portrait in The New York Academy of Art and The Art Students League in New York City.  Since 2012 I've been a full time Painter. In 2015 I presented my first solo show titled ESTACIONES DE VIRTUD composed by 10 portraits and a self-portrait in oils.  My work has been exposed in cities like Queretaro, Morelia, Puebla, London, Jersey City, Madrid and International Art Fairs like Art Basel Miami and Littletopia in Los Angeles.



Increasingly over time, I have found in painting much more than an expressive possibility, I have found an extension of myself, a natural connection with a complete process of introspection, interpretation, creation and relationship with the reality and with myself.

The origin of my work is the different self-reflections about human elements that move us to relate each other and to generate complex social and psychological structures in order to achieve it. These shared motivations and structures shape our identity where the, sometimes contradictory, duality between social and individual being comes into play. The challenge of my work is to give visual form to these latent but invisible processes that we all share, using as artistic media a detailed realistic painting and drawing technique.



Throughout life we ​​meet innumerable people. However, there are a few that, without looking particularly different, their presence and closeness are enriching and inspiring.

They are for us a stay or virtuous station to make a stop, benefit from their experience and take them as points of reference, to continue advancing towards our own goals. For some oriental thought trends, we reflect on these people qualities that exist in us but that they have been able to recognize them, work them and accept them.

The serie is a set of ten portraits and a self-portrait made with a careful and meticulously detailed realistic technique, which come from the result of a personal reflection about the complex development of inner freedom and those people who are stations of virtue to be directed to this one.

The reflection materializes in the construction of each image. The luminous neutral background and the positions of the characters allude to freedom, while the frames from below rise them.

 The title of each work refers to the time devoted to the representation of each of these people, that is, the time that was shared with these stations of virtue, which ends up being a period that  I spent reaffirming the qualities in common.

The inner freedom that I discuss in this series is that unchained freedom for those invisible limits that we impose on ourselves or those we accept that impose on us, that freedom that allows us to develop all abilities and live in an absolute fullness. Settling down near whoever lives this freedom is an intense experience that sheds light on all the things that we have not yet liberated.




· 100 artistas, 100 portadas de Milenio Diario. Museo de América. Madrid, España. February – june 2018

· Moon, Sun, Duality. Milenio Art Collection Project.  Museo Internacional del Barroco. Puebla, México. Octuber 2017 – March 2018

· Honorific Mention in Delusional: Jonathan LeVine's Search for the Next Great Artist. New Jersey, Jersey City. August 2017.

· Selected in the X  national biennial of painting and engraving “Alfredo Zalce” Morelia, Mexico. August 2016

· Reminiscences Queretaro, october 2013

· Titanium White / Zinc White Queretaro, Mexico. August 2012
· Dazed and Refuzed, Hurwundeki Gallery, London, England 2011
· Rebuilding the landscape, Queretaro, may 2011
· Windows to the soul, Queretaro, december 2010
· This one you see is not me, Queretaro, march 2010