Mark Heine


I am a storyteller. My art is the expression of a carefully chosen moment, captured from a larger narrative. This story is
constantly playing, moving forward and changing, as each painting alters the course of the narrative. As it ignites my
imagination for the next. So the road is never a straight line.

I believe that artistic growth is directly bound to the challenge we undertake. The larger the risk, the greater the reward.
So how winding the creative road is, will depend on how far from a straight line you’re willing to push yourself. For me,
the story is what I use to navigate that road – stories rooted in both my imagination and my experience. They give me a
reason to paint ... a concept. They give the painting a reason to exist beyond the surface visual. Sometimes the journey
is loud, long and nerve wracking. Sometimes it’s short and quiet. Even tranquil.

My writing has evolved, from simple anecdotes of my life, into the driving force of my creative process and how I connect
to my subconscious. Using the anonymity of the story, I can explore and express my own joys and nightmares,
pushing the edge of my comfort zone. It's the creative licence that allows me to diverge from reality and present a surreal
vision. It also gives me the freedom to explore darker themes. And the more I dip below the surface, the more I discover
in myself. It’s an endless source of inspiration, because each visit opens a door to the next.

The human form is, in my opinion, the most difficult and most complex challenge for an artist. Underpinning that challenge,
are the technical considerations that face every artist. But the overlay, for me, is the most interesting aspect. And
that comes from the nature of human interaction.

As humans, we have developed acutely tuned conscious and subconscious sensitivities to body language, posture,
expression and situation. How we interact with each other is crucial to survival and is at the core of all culture. I call this
the Social Aspect. These Social Aspect instincts vary from person to person, depending on his or her experiences,
upbringing, religious beliefs, personal joys and pain. This diversity creates a reaction as personally distinct as a strand
of DNA. I see this Social Aspect complexity as a unlimited, mysterious resource for reaching deeper and connecting
with my emotions and those of my audience. And with figurative painting in particular, because it is “us,” these connections
are critical if the work is to resonate.

But they are not all. It is the artist’s job – whatever kind of art that may be – to tell the truth as he or she knows it. So
while each painting is a new experiment in exploring the bottomless complexity of “us.” I strive to create an unobstructed
vision and a clear, unpretentious communication of my thinking, through my realistic technique. I have found
that bending and breaking traditional rules in terms of content, composition and viewpoint, has given my work a distinctly
rebellious, individualistic spirit. And it takes us all to the edge of comfort. But that’s integral in setting the imagination

There are those who say that originality is dead. That all is derivative. I disagree. I think that originality is everywhere,
albeit in widely varying degrees. I believe that my art is original. Certainly I have had influences, as has every artist. In
particular, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vermeer and Rembrandt, through Degas, Monet, Rodin, Sargent, Parrish, N.C.
Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth to Robert Heindel, Bob Peak, Brian Johnson, my father Harry Heine, and my friend Brent
Lynch. All have provided me with some tool or inspiration, but in the end, my way is my own.

So this is where I am. The paintings I have done and the stories I have told, are where I have been. The interesting
thing, from my point of view, is where I’m going. And that’s the story yet to be told. That’s my mission.


Mark Heine … Major Showings
• 2017 "Canadian Legacy," McMillan Centre for the Arts, Parksville, BC, Canada
• 2015 "Into the Soul," RJD Gallery, Sag Harbour, New York, USA
• 2014 "Sirens," Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada
• 2012 "Regatta,"Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 2012 "Child's Play," Bellevue Gallery, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
• 2011 "The Winter Show," The Sculpture Studio, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 2010 "The Modern Figure," Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 2009 "Elements of Nature," Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 2008 "At Play," Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 2007 "Heine Retrospective," Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 2005 "Heine Retrospective," Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 1998 untitled show, Broadmead Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 1996 untitled show, Broadmead Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
• 1995 untitled show, Great West Art, Chemainus, BC, Canada
• 1993 untitled show, Louise Matskie Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA
• 1992 untitled show, Great West Art, Chemainus, BC, Canada