Carla Louise Paine

Louise Paine

Carla Louise Paine (b. 1982) American, was educated in the traditions and techniques of classical oil painting in Florence, Italy. There, at the Florence Academy of Art she completed three years of intense study, spending her last trimester in 2010 in Sweden at the Academy’s Scandinavian branch. Prior to that she studied at the highly regarded School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Carla has received numerous recognition for her work including ‘Best Nude’ in the Art Renewal Center’s 2015 Annual Salon, first place in the Collection Beaux-Arts Réaliste 2015 Competition, second place in The Artist’s Magazine 2015 figurative competition, and has been included in Southwest Art Magazine 2016 ‘Artist to Watch’ feature. She has also been a participant in exhibitions nation wide as well as over seas, including exhibiting with The Art Renewal Center’s 2015 Exhibition at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Oil Painters of America, The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, The International Guild of Realism, and The Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art. 

Currently living in Washington State, Carla has set up a studio on her small farm property just outside of the state’s capitol, Olympia.  There she works daily, painting directly from life, hiring models and setting up elaborate still life sets.  

"Profoundly influenced by my surroundings, the vision of my work in recent years can attest its direction to the old homestead where I work and reside.   The contrasts there found in the deep shadowy greens of forest, sun-dappled apple trees during summer months, vast swaths of golden hayfield, and the floral bounty of my gardens, all contrasting with the overcast, somber tone of the rain-soaked northwest… the history of the farmhouse itself, filled with dusty objects and memories, has influenced my sense of aesthetic.  The multitude of textures and tones, the juxtaposition of my own creations, with what others past created and left behind, these detailed scenes command my attention, and push my exploration of texture, light, and color.  Living close to the land has shaped my sense of composition and my work attempts to give honest testament to my experience."