He Lihuai


When I was a child, my teacher told me not to learn oil painting, as however hard I work, I won't be as good as westerners, let alone exceeding them. Yet deep in my mind, I don't agree with him. I choose to learn oil painting out of love, not competition, and I hold fast to my dream of being a good oil painter. When I was admitted to Academy of Fine Arts, I selected oil painting as my major. In the 1980s, Impressionism from the West was in vogue in China, while I had a preference for Realist painter of 19th century. In the post-1990s, the ideological trend of contemporary western art flew over into China, with Avantgarde arts covering behavior, decoration and concept being the main stream. However, in the society built on petticoat influence and interest groups, which are in the name of various kinds of fashionable names, I firmly follow my heart, sticking to the aesthetic taste of my own, and I don't care if my decision will be recognized as art or not. I will try my best to not follow the trend, nor shirk from responsibilities. At present, the difference between subjective preference and objective judgement exists as a great challenge to people's ability of appreciation, and it is exactly the endless cycle of surprise and despair, construction and de-construction, curiosity and numbness that plays the symphony of life!