Dani Chineider



Agenor Evangelista -Fine Artist


The Londrina born Fine Artist Agenor Evangelista has written: "Dani Chineider searches insistently a construction of different perspectives within the world of Visual Arts. She has a refined look that the eyes of the layperson commonly fail to capture.  She handles it with professionalism and concern for fine research and support in contemporary contexts. Dani searches in nonstop study a creative macro process for a new focus to show what we cannot visualize as in her “ Fase Censurado” (Censored Phase) (2011). Besides the Henri Matisse reference where Dani can absorb all the rich universe of colors and dashes (...), ‘I dare to say that this searching process starts to draw a new walking path for her, let’s mention her “ Fase Passos” (Steps Phase) which merges art, poetry and video’. In 2012, it is the art in real time with result of refinement and sensitivity. We get to the sum of various artistic aspects not merely noting that contemporary production quantity, or focused only on selling, but rather, an artistic building of essence and research that culminates in 2013 in the “ Te Vi e Te Vejo no FILO” (I saw you and I see you  in the FILO) . There are several forms and ways to see and understand this whole process. It is necessary to delve into Dani’s world of production that goes far beyond the pictorial and literary. Those who live will see. It's not only  Art for the sake of Art, but for The Art.




Mario Maher-Journalist SP


The meeting of love


She wondered what would her role be, which function would wield the artist of expressionist figures with a particular style. Taken by the scent and colors of inks, the response did not take long to appear at the tip of the paint brush. She realized that instead of playing roles, she would be spreading the essence of shapes, shades, experiences.

Daniela Fernandes Chineider, Dani Chineider, has already fulfilled several papers with her sensitivity and criticism. Her work can be seen as embroidered with colored lines of the day and night. Some of her titles of works give account of it: "look at the sky", "reflection of the sky", "night", "Expression" dead "," Blues ", among others.

At the age of 38, Dani Chineider, from Arapongas - Paraná, living in Londrina, has an extensive participation in individual and collective exhibitions, volunteer work in the Arts area, workshops at museums and schools. She says her goal is teaching color and paint. This is a special opportunity to see the work of those who believe in the daily and nightly change which could be caused by Art. Dani Chineider says: "The painting is placed as a gesture to take ownership of life".

 (Mário Marins, August,10, 2015)




Artist - Claudio da Costa

I met Dani Chineider at an event at the Cemitério de Automóveis. I had already seen some paintings of the artist which had caught my attention, so much for the tough objectivity in showing her women the companions of her own being, as in the volumes of colors in small, but intense, works (20X30cm). One afternoon in Sao Paulo, while visiting the MAM (Modern Art Museum), I could see that  Dani doesn’t stay behind anybody, because her work is so expressive as it is expressive her experience of life.

Once at my place, Dani told me about her experiences with hardcore nightlife and the everyday life in Londrina. Quoting and paraphrasing Rainer Maria Rilke "The stuff of art are always a result of having been at the edge of danger. Having gone all the way into an experience, to a point that no one can get through”.  I see that in Dani, going further in her experiences making them increasingly natural, experiences of an expression required to turn in her anguish and light that could be seen outside the context of artistic expression as crazy people. Well, since I'm not a reviewer or anything, I can only say that the work of Dani touches  my heart and this, from my point of view, is enough to put her above the average of Londrina’s artistic production. We are who we are through the artistic practice, the work that is not limited to personal use, but that comes to expand our future apart from the likes of general common sense. Notice, Dani Chineider's work has nothing in common.

(Claudio da Costa, 17 August 2015)




Ariel Freire – Fine Artist - Uruguay

Today, I should find myself encountering with life through painting which allows me to go free in a timeless and eternal moment to get inebriated with excitement, spontaneously it enraptures me before the work of Dani Chineider. My joy emanates from the unusual joy that awaits me, this personal discovery of human existence and no one can question such inebriation.

I am in a wonderful world. Where, I appropriate unscrupulously to penetrate into the everyday experience of graceful and intimate brush strokes that glide such as the spring breeze, creating forms inhabited by delicate and harmonious tones at times, intense and contrasting at others; which allow me to get to know the rich original artist Dani Chineider’s extremely female human essence. It’s impossible to separate them because Dani Chineider painting transcends the exercise technique or simple conceptualization to become a continuity of herself, in every work we find a part of herself what makes her work an intense, deep life experience that gently opens the door of the perception of its own being ... Hanna Cowchow, In the garden, In the Room, At the floating home, the striking evidence of the delicate sensitivity with which the artist establishes her relationship with life as a whole absolute, introducing who meets her art to a magical, fantastic, indescribable universe in its intimate beauty.

But Dani Chineider likes surprising and beating us with her lucid thoughts that inevitably make us stop in order to reflect on our human condition. Through vigorous, strong drawing, which rises to immeasurable heights that inspired lucidez:Alvo is the gateway to this amazing reality and distressingly aware that we are who we are without justifications or extenuating and will be those who will be just by ourselves. The eroticism, wild, libertarian and Spiritualized in “entre o  Céu e a Terra” ( between Heaven and The Earth) fluxing us with the universe in original communion, the human tragedy of Marylin Monroe...

Paraphrasing Vallejo I can tell: there are days that we wake up with a prolific liveliness, of art, of freedom... thanks Dani Chineider for making an exceptionally fertile art of life wanting to kiss forms and impregnates me colors with a love that is ever born.

An advice to humans... Dani Chineider might arise unexpectedly just around the corner and grab us in a brush stroke or perhaps impregnate us with a burst of color... it is the best thing that may happen to us.

Ariel Freire:28 February 2016.



Daniela Fernandes Chineider.Nombre artístico:Dani Chineider.Nacida el 30 de Noviembre de 1977 en Arapongas,Pr,Brasil.Radicada en Londrina,Pr,Brasil.Estudió en varios países eurpeos y EE-UU.Licenciada en Artes Visuales por la Universidad Estatal de Londrina (UEL) en 2013.En 2016 realiza su post graduación en Arte y Educación orientada a la musicalidad.Ejerce la función de Profesora de Arte en instituciones educativas del estado de Paraná (Pr),voluntaria en ONG's.Su actividad artística comprende participación en exposiciones colectivas y realización de exposiciones individuales: Centro Cultural Sesi, Cemitério de Automóveis,SESC,etc.En el año 2013 expone  en el marco del Festival Internacional de Teatro de Londrina (FILO) con la muestra Te Vi e Te Vejo no FILO (Te vi y te veo en el FILO) realizada en el Centro Cultural SESI-Londrina.En 2012 incursiona como protagonista en el cortometraje de producción independiente "La Camarera" al mismo tiempo que ministra su taller didáctico "Acuarela Con Poesía" en museos de arte de las ciudades:Londrina,Cambé e Ibiporã,villas culturales,establecimientos educativos públicos y privados concluyendo el ciclo con su participación en el "Encuentro de Cultura y Semana Literaria" del Instituto SESC de Londrina. Participa en las ediciones 2012 y 2013 de la "Exposición de Artes Visuales y Poemas" del Festival Literario de Londrina.En 2012 participa exponiendo sus obras en la 27a edición de la Muestra de Cultura Afro Brasileña Palmares asumiendo la curadoría de la misma a partir de su 28a edición en 2013 hasta la actualidad (29a 2014,30a 2015).Sus obras conforman el acervo público de la Secretaría de Cultura de Arapongas así como acervos de coleccionistas particulares.Seleccionado "XVIII MUESTRA INTERNACIONAL Y MULTIDISCIPLINAR DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO CIRCUIT ARTÍSTIC” - Barcelona-España. Seleccionado pela Galería Abartium para exponer en la "COLECTIVA CONTEMPORANEA" del mes de octubre 2016. También participa en la exposición coletiva Newark WaereHouse Gallery- EE-UU en octubre-2016.Tiene obras en la " Anne Gallery". Diseño y búsqueda poética “ EXPOSIÇÂO VIRTUAL DE VIDA INTEGRAL” ( Exposición virtual vida plena) lato sensu em andamento(...)